Metallurgical Laboratory

Lab Capabilities

Dynamic Oil Tools follows the strongest regulations for safety, which is the priority. Optimal working conditions are the ground foundation for achieving our goals.


Electronic Microscope For Microstructure Analysis

Test Type : Study & Measure of Microstructure of Metals Grain Size & Defects

Test Capacity : Magnifications 25X/ 50X / 100X / 200X / 500X


Electronic Microscope for Weld joint Analysis

Test Type : Study and Measure of Weld Joints & Defects

Test Capacity : Magnifications 10X To 50X

Electrolytical preparation 1600x730 px

Metallographic Mount Etching Machine

Test Type : To Electro-etch Mount Metal Specimens to study Metal Grain Structure

Test Capacity : Mostly for Carbon & Stainless Steels up to 10 mm to 30mm Area

Mounting equipment 1600x730px

Metallographic Mount Preparation Machine

Test Type : To Prepare Mounts in Dia 30mm and Dia 50mm

Test Capacity : Dia 30mm And Dia 50mm

Accutom10 open right 1024x665 px

Mount Sample Cut Off Machine

Test Type : To Cut Metal Samples to Prepare Mounts

Test Capacity : Capacity up to Dia 100mm


Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Test Type : To clean of dirt, oil & clean sand particles from screen mesh filters

Test Capacity : Up to 30 Liters Liquid Capacity


Semi - Automatic Hardness Tester

Test Type : To Take Macro & Micro Hardness of Metals in Vickers Scale

Test Capacity : From 0 to 62.5 Kg Load Upto HV 900


Universal Tensile Testing Machine

Test Type : To Perform Tensile Test, Compression Test and Bend Test

Test Capacity : Up to 150 Tons (150000 Kgs).


Profile Projector Machine

Test Type : To Measure Line, Circle, Angle of Components & for Thread Profile Match to Overlay Drawings.

Test Capacity : Measurement Dia508 mm.


Sand Sieve Analysis Machine

Test Type : To Filter of Gravels, Sand & Slits.

Test Capacity : 45 Microns To 5000 Microns


Metallographic Mount Polishing Machine

Test Type : To Polish Mounts to Mirror Finish to Examine under the Microscope.

Test Capacity : Rough Medium Fine Mirror Finish Polishing of Mount Specimens.


Positive Metal Identification Machine (OES)

Test Type : To Identify the Metal Composition of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals including the Carbon Percentage.

Test Capacity : 64 Elements from the Periodic Table, 62 Normal & 02 Radio Active Elements.


Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Measurement Unit

Test Type : To Measure the thickness of Metals.

Test Capacity : Up to 25mm thick steel.


Ultrasonic Flaw Detection NDT Unit

Test Type : To Identify Metal Sub Surface Cracks and Discontinuities.

Test Capacity : GE Standards


Eddy Current Flaw Detection NDT Unit

Test Type : To Identify Shallow Crack on near surface areas & Lead Edges.

Test Capacity : GE Standards


Portable Hardness Tester

Test Type : To Measure Vickers Hardness on Site.

Test Capacity : Up to HV 900