Dynamic Oil Tools

Made in Saudi

We Are Experienced And Expert
Saudi Owned manufacturing company
Dynamic Oil Tools
In-Line Surface
Filters for Coil Tubing
Robust Design
Taylormade for each Iron
Easy to install
Wedge Wire Design offer up to
3 times more open area
Longer laminar flow,
up to 3 times
Delivering cutting edge
Products to our customers
Through our continuously
Innovative facility
Leading Provider of high end
product manufacturing with
international service and
Aims to be a Global leader focused on
Manufacturing high quality,
Market oriented and
State of the art product
Welcome To DOT

Leading provider of high end product manufacturing with international service and technology

Dynamic Oil Tools is a high-end machining and manufacturing facility for multiple oil & gas downhole equipment that is either licensed through international manufacturers or owned and patented by DOT. DOT acts as a machining and repair arm for regional oil and gas services and operating companies.

Dynamic Oil Tools experience is focused in the field of profile wire screen manufacturing and applications,special machine optimization,manufacturing paths and the required floor space for a variety of manufacturing processes.

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What we do

Dynamic Oil Tool is a world class manufacturing facility for downhole and surface equipment. DOT combines international experiences and facilitates localization of significant amount of oil and gas equipment.

Oil and Gas Equipment

Process Industry Screens

Ground water screens

Screen Baskets, Strainers

Product Treatments

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We Are Are Leader In Industiral Market


Delivering cutting edge products to our customers through our continuously innovative facility. Supporting our clients with developing technically advanced and cost-efficient solutions.


DOT aims to be a global leader focused on manufacturing high quality, market oriented and state of the art products.

R&D / Engineering Department

How We Work

• Modeling, assembling of industrial products using various
CAD softwares
• FEM Engineering Analysis of industrial products

Designing, Modeling, & Analysis

Autodesk Inventor Professional

CNC machine code generator

Inventor HSM (CAM) & Feature CAM

Metallurgic Laboratory

Lab Capabilities

Dynamic Oil Tools follows the strongest regulations for safety, which is the priority. Optimal working conditions are the ground foundation for achieving our goals.

Electronic Microscope For Microstructure Analysis

Electronic Microscope for Weld joint Analysis

Metallographic Mount Etching Machine

Metallographic Mount Preparation Machine

Mount Sample Cut Off Machine

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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